Who Is M3 Strategies?

Rooted in Marksmanship Manipulation and Movement, M3 Strategies is dedicated to providing real-world training solutions to shooters of all skill levels and backgrounds. With a focus on safe, intuitive and efficient weapons handling techniques, our courses cater to the specific needs of the individual end user.

The scope of our instruction includes basic, intermediate and advanced firearms training in the context of defensive applications. Classes are often structured in a 1-day format unless otherwise noted. All courses are TCOLE compliant and meet or exceed all requirements for continuing education for Texas Law Enforcement.

While we are based out of Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas, our mobile training team is capable of hosting classes throughout the Continental United States. For information on hosting a course in your area, please contact Stephen@M3-Strategies.com

Our Team

Team Member

Stephen Pineau

Director of Training

“People often get wrapped up with “defensive this” and “tactical that” versus “competition something else”…. what ever happened to just being a good shooter? I fail to see how simply being really good at shooting would ever be detrimental, regardless of the particular duty or circumstance.”

- Stephen Pineau